It isn’t really difficult.

Democracy and local governments.
The idea is to bring in to power, the people that know and want certain changes in their current state of living in the community, Not on an individual scale but for the place they belong to.
This power is limited and will only serve you to do what is best for your locality.
So that means; better roads, a stop sign or a traffic signal where ever necessary, fixing water and electricity problems and so on. In order to live a non-chaotic life.
These people are in no place to teach you morals or tell you right from wrong. That’s a different department, do not get confused.
With me so far? Good.
Now these men and women come to power because they represent what a majority of the dwellers need and want. How does that happen?
Good question, regular civilians who notice issues and are able to bring in solutions will put it out to their neighbors, who will in turn pick the ones they feel is essential for the growth\betterment of their locality.
Elections are conducted to find out what the majority of the population wants and that particular person is now officially responsible for said aspects.

He\she is given a term of 5 years to complete his promised set of tasks. At the end of the term, depending on the difficulty level of the promises made, the dwellers decide to re-elect him or bring someone else in to power.
In the term of power, said elected person is capable of solving more than the issues they first noticed. They could bring to ease the troubles of the citizens that voted for a candidate fighting for a different set of changes.
Why? Because, humanity. You do as much good as you possibly can while in power and so these people don’t have to wait until someone else comes in to power to have their issues resolved.
This way, when the next set of elections are up, there are new changes to be made, different civilians contesting for what they think could be better.
Common sense will tell you, this is a faster way to bring about change.
What incentive do they have to let go of their careers and get in to this world of social service?
A decent salary and certain decision making powers. And nothing more.

Now I repeat, these people are in no way in control of the personal lives, believes or moral code of their locals, nor the law and order of the system. They work for the people, using the given system. These people don’t exactly have to be highly educated but a simple drive to have a comfortable life would suffice.
This is stage one.
If the given system is at fault, the civilian would have realized this whilst working for the people and would try and work at a larger scale. Understanding the nuances of the system is highly recommended at this level.
An additional support from the people is an advantage, considering they’ve been following their candidate’s work progress.
Did I mention people, even when not in power, are still responsible and must stay on top of things? If I haven’t, then isn’t that obvious? Wouldn’t you track your amazon package, isn’t this a tad more important?
So yes, People hold power, responsibility and support for the civilian working to change the system.
This is in no way, anti national. This is how change is supposed to be bought in.
If the system resists this change for various, invalid reasons, then it is time to re-think the people that make this system. Please bare in mind, there could be valid reasons to resist change and they have to be further looked in to.

Are you following me so far? Not too baffling I hope.

Next, the system. This is where we need the educated, humane bunch.
They decide where your tax money goes, how it is spent and whom to give it to.
They are also responsible for sketching out the law, order, implementation of it and bring about reasonable changes to the outdated constitution and system on the whole.
They decide what the people require in terms of basic needs, education, infrastructure and so on.
They may be a number of individual departments working tirelessly for the benefit of their set agenda but they do have to work in cohesion for it to fall in to place.
That would mean the people working at this level, need to have a surface level understanding of most things while having mastered their own field of expertise.

Too much to ask?
Maybe, but considering the herculean responsibility on their shoulders, it seems to be a logical prerequisite. Don’t you think?

I would take a moment here to reiterate the fact that they have no power to dictate your personal beliefs, religious rights and sexual preferences**

Between stage one and the system makers, somewhere, you have the law enforcers.
They too, need to be educated to understand why they’re doing whatever they’re doing.

THIS is how the concept of a democracy and local government must function.
It isn’t rocket science.

Are people confusing this for the way a religious state functions?
Because, unaware.

Have the people created a system to keep the civilians in the shadows?
Maybe. You tell me.

A nation is declared a secular state to create a clear divide between religion and state. It was so done to ensure there isn’t chaos with respect to civilian law and order.
This way, the system doesn’t enter or meddle with your private lives. It only ensures you’re, well, civil.
If you can notice the parallels I’m trying to draw between this and the current state of your government, then hurrah!
You have also understood that power and responsibility lies in every individual’s hands.

It’s that simple.
It is perfectly understandable that people in charge right now are from a bygone era and cannot handle change the current generation desires. That is where we take action.
You know what to do or you will eventually.

Good luck with your individual growth and however it may affect the carving of this young nation.
May the force be with you.

**Said aspects are yours to deal with until you go out of your way to hurt and or harm other individuals.
You don’t force your beliefs and religion on others, even if your god tells you to, because this is not a religious state.
You do not make non consensual sexual advances on any human (irrespective of age or gender) or animal. Even if they do not understand the concept of it (children and animals being in context here) . And a refusal is a definitive response where one must back away.
It is sad that this has to be said.


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